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Welcome to my website. My name is Haggi Krey and I'm working as effects artist and rendering td mostly for a company called "Ambient Entertainment".
During the last years I was able to contribute to some very interesting movie projects. While I started with a broad range of tasks in the very first movies "Back To Gaya" and "Impy's Island" where I was responsible for character setup, rendering processing, effects work and some pipeline tools, I could concentrate more on rendering and effects in the later ones like "Animals United" and "Tarzan". Because of the lack of a decent hair setup and rendering system in Autodesk Maya, I developed a hair rendering pipeline. It was first used in "Animals United" still without any visual feedback in Maya. For the next movie I implemented a visual representation which enabled the styling artists to see what they are doing without rendering. For the different movies I developed some proprietary shaders, some for mentalray, some renderman ones or Arnold shaders.

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Renderwiki is a website dedicated to rendering and collects some informations about render engines and how rendering works.

Openmaya is the website for my OpenMaya project which implements free and commercials render engines into Maya.

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